• Oscillators.
  • Jap candlesticks .
  • F1 Turtles Trading Strategy.
  • Fibonacci ratios.
  • Money Management.
  • Practical – Software training.


  • Advanced Candlestick Charting.
  • Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci Techniques.
  • Gann Theory & Applications.
  • Relative Strength charts/Market Profile.
  • Other Popular Systems.
  • Relative Strength charts/Market Profile.
  • Wyckoff Method 1.


  • Marketing Management.
  • Managerial Economics.
  • International Business.
  • Managing People in Organisations.
  • Accounting and Finance for Managers.
  • Strategic Management – Asian Business.

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  • Mr. Tam is very experienced, professional and willing to share knowledge & experiences. Afterattending this course, I am now more confidence in trading

    Christine Chow, 31st Intake
  • Excellent course with Excellent speaker! Have great passion in the subject and very dedicated!

    Sadheesh Krishnan, 30th Intake
  • The F1 Trader Course is excellent. It is very informative and is an eye opener for me. I believe Iwill be a better trader after this course.

    Yen Sui Loy, 31st Intake
  • Mr. Fred Tam’s course is an excellent course. Heteaches us powerful tools, even for a new learnerlike me. Mr. Tam is a talented speaker. The way Mr. Tam’s teaches is very clear and easy tounderstand

    Hor Mun Fai, 31st Intake
  • Fred Tam is a very good and knowledgeable speaker and so is his course. I have learnt how toanalyze and make decision in stock trading

    Abdullah bin Ahyat, 30th Intake
  • I attended this course to learn more on Technical Analysis. Now I have gained more tradingtechniques and on stock selection. The speaker is excellent and he knows the subject well. Overall,it is interesting and full of information

    Phang Tong Hoi, 30th Intake
  • Excellent! The course is so impressive and now I know how to enter and exit the market. Inaddition, I know how to stop loss and reduce loss

    Afiruddin Abdullah, 30th Intake
  • Clearly an expert on trading using Technical Analysis. Very Clear, Interesting, Accurate and mostof all practical and uptodate. Tremendously not only in Theory But also in practice on how to timebuying/selling of securities effectively

  • The course is excellent, and I gained new knowledge with practical applications. I benefited interms of knowledge to trade in securities and gather more confidence to invest

    En. Abd Karim AbdGhani
  • I attended a U.S. options course but was not satisfied as I wanted to learn more on entry and exit.After attending Mr.Tam’s course, I traded Malaysia futures and made 26.6% in less than two weeksfrom his guidance!

    Mrs. B. Rajkumar, Lecturer
  • I made RM7,950 out of my capital of RM13,500 or 59% in 6 days! I really appreciate yourguidance. It is really worth it to attend your F-1 course. You see I’ve covered the tuition fees I paidin 3 trades. ” Happy trading

    Mr.Wai - Engineer
  • Excellent. Coverage is outstanding. Mr. Fred is well versed on the subject and willing to shareinformation and knowledge. From this course, I benefited by knowing the correct method of entryand exit in the market

    Musa Bahazem