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25th June 2022

6th Intake

10.00am - 1.00pm


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Why we Offer This Course?

Trading is profitable. However, it can be very tricky and risky when the market becomes very volatile, to rise and fall sharply within a short-term like “kangaroo hop”. Such market volatility is inevitable. We have developed a “Fast in Fast Out” or FIFO trading strategy to manage volatile market profitably. FIFO is like “get in in the morning and get out by the evening before the end of the trading day”. It means “get in quick, get out quick” as opposed to “MIMO – Medium in Medium out – meant Swing trading for those who hold 1-5 days or more or “S.I.S.O” – Slow in, slow out for those who hold positions for months, even years. This fast speed of entry and exits will give more money- making opportunities to leverage on the momentum of the volatile market. The risk is minimal if you know how to handle it. For this purpose, we have specially designed this FIFO Trading course to share the Secrets of our FIFO Breakout Trading System.

Why You Want To Take This FIFO Course?

Reason #1

when the market gets very volatile to rise or fall sharply like ‘kangaroo hop’ within a short period of time, you want a ‘’ Fast in Fast Out” method to continue trading and make money.

Reason #2

You want a trading strategy that can take advantage of an increase in price volatility while also minimize potential risk tactically.

Reason #3

You want a proven shorter-term strategy that helps you to take profits more quickly than normal.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

Who Should Attend?

What Our Students Say?​

Perfect! The presentation was very clear, but rather compact
Strategy on how to be a successful trader, money management, most important is the secret or formula to trade FIFO
Sham A
Happy with the program and on trading wise so far I won 2 out of 2 Trading using the FIFO technique taught in the class
More confidence to make decisions on fast entry and exit
Josephine Tan
Monetary value, already gained more than what I have paid for my course fees
Lynel Tong

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